Indian Heritage | Poonam Dubey
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Poonam Dubey

“She never looked nice, She looked like an art, and
Art wasn’t supposed to look nice;
It was supposed to make you feel something”

Designer Poonam Dubey has lent a new meaning to the issue of inequalities & discrimination between men and women through her collection. The collection is an amalgamation of modern and mughal art through which she tries to depicit that when we control nature or our needs, we just don’t control it, we destroy its originality arid beauty. Similarly when an artist’s vision is restricted his/ her creation will never be the best. So, women are like an art and should never be bounded instead should be set free.

For the collection, the designer has used elements like flowers, birds, butterflies etc and tried to use mughal art for the modern women. The fabric used is khadi with thread work , printing and sequin work to give a better look to the collection. Also to revive few memories she has used organdy which was used by our grandmothers but with an aim to make the same fabric more feasable for today’s world by making it softer. Special detail work has been done on the pockets of each garment to add more elegance and quirkiness to garment.

The collection is special owing to its beautiful cuts, silhouttes, drapes and patterns that present a glimpse of the amalgamation of mughal and modern art .The uniqueness of the garment will surely entice today’s woman, who has mastered the fine art of balancing modern with traditional. Even though she aims for the sky, she stays rooted to the ground.